The popular tipster platform Tipstrr offers thousands upon thousands of tipping services for all sports ranging from Football and Horse Racing to Basketball and Rugby.

You can join Tipstrr for free simply by using your email address here and then you will have access to thousands of free tipsters yourself.


Finding a free tipster is easy by using the user-friendly website over at simply search by sport and filter out tipsters by ROI, Profit and current form.

Once you have found a tipster you can follow the free tipsters obviously for free and premium ones you simply pay your membership fee via Paypal.

Now obviously free is always good but through my experience free is not the best when it comes to tipsters mainly because free services are usually unpredictable and can disappear at any moment.

Tipstrr Pro

Tipstrr Pro offers the very best premium tipsters on the whole tipping platform these are services that have met a set of certain criteria.

Usually, bene going more than 6 months been profitable almost all of those month sand consistent in their delivery of selections and customer service.

Some very good pro service son Tipstrr and it’s well worth looking if you’re serious about making money from your sports betting.

Overview Of Tipstrr – My Review Findings

Tipstrr is a very good resource for any sports bettor as its a take it or leave it type of thing, if you want premium selections you cna pay and if you want free tips you can have that too.

Free or paid I don’t think you can go wrong joining Tipstrr for free here.