Here at Tipster Guide, I want to help you find the very best tipsters for Football and Horse Racing.

Through all my years of gambling, I have come across many people who claim to have inside knowledge or a “dead cert” and low and behold its all rubbish and they made it up.

I have discovered that only tipsters that can deliver long term profits on there chosen sport are worthy of paying.

Building a betting portfolio is very important when gambling for a living or using tipsters to make a second income, this is to diversify and overcome those losing runs that are inevitable with any tipster service.

So what am I aiming to do here? Well, I am not only going to review tipsters for Football and Horse Racing but I am going to show you there full results whilst I was a member.

Tipsters that are awful I will be completely honest with you and tell you if they are crap and to avoid them. The ones that are worth paying for are the only ones that will make my approved list.

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I hope you enjoy your visit and please do get in touch if you have any questions.