The Goat Review

February 8, 2021
The Goat Review

Welcome to The Goat Review, lets have a look at one of the best Tennis tipsters to follow in 2021 and beyond shall we?

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The Goat is a tennis tipster that launched in September 2018, so has been tipping for over 2 years now, in this time he has delivered an overall profit of £416.06 with an average monthly profit of £15.40.

This doesn’t sound a lot and that is because of the staking plan they use

2u = 0.4% of bankroll.

4u = 0.8% of bankroll.

6u = 1.2% of bankroll.

8u = max stake, 1.6% of bankroll.

With most bets being 4u or 4 units that’s 0.8% of your bank roll, in other words the profit of £15 per month average is more like +3.75% growth of your bank roll per month on average.

A £1000 bankroll would grow on average by £37.50 per month and the higher the bankroll the higher the earnings overall on average each month.

With just 7 losing months from 26 in his career The Goat has certainly surpassed many people’s expectations when it comes to a tennis tipster.

There are only around 7 selections per week making it super easy to follow this service.

My Results With The Goat

I joined The Goat for the purposes of this The Goat Review back in November, and here are my results.

November +£15.76

December +£6.63

January +£17.58

With every month being profitable from my £5000 bankroll, I use my own staking plan of £10 per unit so for each 4 unit bet I staked £40, I returned an overall profit of £399.70.

A solid tennis tipster with great potential, The Goat has since been granted Tipstrr Pro status.

My Verdict = PASSED 90%

Overall if you like Tennis then this tipster has got what you need to have fun and make money along the way.

You may need some knowledge of bankrolls and adjusting your stakes to suit in order to secure a profit each month but if you can do that it’s fully worth it.

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