Wizard Of Big Odds Review

October 13, 2019
Wizard Of Big Odds Review

This is The Wizard Of Big Odds Review, Tipsters Empire has a few good horse racing tipsters on their books but none have caused as much of a stir as The Wizard Of Big Odds during 2019.

I wanted to take a closer look at how good or bad this tipster was and report back to you guys and girls on if you should consider joining yourselves or not.

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Joining Wizard Of Big Odds

Signing up was simple enough through the Tipsters Empire website here finding the Wizard’s section and clicking subscribe you are given a number of membership options.

Prices range from £2.99 for a 28-day trial all the way up to £350 one-off for a 12 months membership. Obviously the longer options are the best value for money but you should always take the trial first.

Get a 28 day trial of Wizard Of Big Odds Here for just £2.99

What You Get When You Join The Wizards Horse Racing Tipster Service

Once your all signed up thats it The Wizard will send a text message and you can put the bets on quickly and efficiently from the text and when you have a spare 5 minutes you can log in and read exactly why The Wizard of Big Odds came up with the selection.

Selections are sent around 9 am every morning meaning you can grab the best odds possible.

Betting bank-wise this tipster recommends 150 points to start for your betting bank. If you use £5 per point – £750 betting bank, £10 per point – £1,500 betting bank and so on.

Does The Wizard Deliver Profitable Selections Long Term

So, as usual, I joined this horse racing tipster for 3 months to see just how good or bad it was and now the 3 months have passed I can give my view on if it’s worth joining.

I was a member from the 1st of July 2019 until the 1st of September 2019.

The number of selections advised: 270

The number of winners: 10

Profit Or Loss in 3 months: -£928.50

Average profit per month: £0 but a loss of £309.50 a month

Verdict = FAILED!

View full profit loss results for The Wizard Of Big Odds Here

Based on my 3 months membership I cannot recommend that you join this service but I wouldn’t put you off the £2.99 trial option as sometimes tipsters go through a bad patch and recoup later on in the year.

My Verdict: Failed Score: 70%

It has to be a fail from me but there is potential there and looking back at previous results this was possibly a blip in the tipster’s form but I go by what I experienced.

Everything else is spot on with how the service is run it’s transparent enough and full results are updated and match up to my own results.

I would advise a trial before you jump into anything else.

Get a 28 day trial of Wizard Of Big Odds Here for just £2.99

I recommend you try Cotswold Racing instead perhaps.

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