Underdog Racing Tips Review 2023

December 7, 2023
Underdog Racing Tips Review

Welcome to my honest and open review of Underdog Racing Tips, this is a horse racing tipster on the Tipstrr tipping platform that offers profitable horse racing tips on a consistent basis for its members.

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How Does Underdog Racing Work?

You simply log in to your Tipstrr account and within your dashboard, the tipsters you are paying for will appear to click on Underdog Racing and you will see his selections for the day, you can also set up push notifications to be sent to you as and when the tipsters add his selections, so that you can get the best possible odds.

This brings me to one of the negatives of this service, it is so popular when he adds his selections it can affect the bookmaker’s odds, I recommend using the exchanges to get maximum value or a BOG bookmaker.

How Profitable Is Underdog Racing?

VERY, Though you will have to keep up with the sheer number of selections which can be up to 15 per day at times, usually there are around 70-80 tips per week which is simply too many for some punters to keep up with.

The horses advised are usually big prices making it very volatile to follow, there can be days where you will make hundreds and days where you will lose hundreds, but overall it is profitable if you have the bankroll to follow this tipster.

Bankroll Requirements – A Must Read

As I said there are a lot of selections so abse don there being 60 per week at £10 each way on each that’s £1600 per week you will be staking or £6400 a month, with the strike rate being 24% and the average odds winner being 16/1, we can roughly work out that every 100 selections will have 24 winners and those winners will be around 16/1.

The bankroll I would recommend is around £10,000 to be able to ride out losing runs and winning ones long term there is no denying this tipster has something special, to £10 stakes in 2023 he has made over £21,000 profit.

A high bankroll is not a necessity, you could try it at £5 each way and half that bankroll to £5,000 and gradually scale it up over time.


Though it’s not the easiest tipster to follow with the sheer number of selections it is undeniably profitable to do so, if you use the exchanges and take the time to get the best possible odds, you really are laughing with Underdog Racing Tips.

Verdict = PASS 10/10

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