Tipsters For Football And How To Find The Most Profitable

November 26, 2019
Tipsters For Football

A minefield is how I would describe how it is these days to find a decent tipster for football or horse racing that can deliver a long term profit.

Thousands of new tipsters start up every month in the world of football tipping many of which are in no way qualified in any manner to provide tips or to charge for them as many do.

Get rich quick schemes and betting systems is what most of them are advertised as but there are a few successful football tipsters out there that are more than paying their way for their members.

I am going to advise you how to find the most successful football tipsters on the internet it does not matter if they are free or paid for tipsters this guide will help you narrow down the massive field.

What To Avoid In Your Search

There are many telltale signs of a fraudulent tipster service a lot of this is common sense but there are a few less obvious things to look for.

If It Sounds Too Good To Be True It Usually Is and in this case, it’s not much different if a tipster states he is making £50,000 a day from betting its bullshit, and if they were they certainly would not waste their time making a site to sell you £50 memberships to get their football tips.

Inside Info firstly this would be illegal in many ways and you certainly should not be getting involved with it and it is also a load of rubbish too.

Fixed matches another load of crap that I have seen on Facebook is fixed matches and guaranteed wins etc, again if it was true its match-fixing and joining a group that anyone can get your details from would be stupid anyway.

Guaranteed results no tipster can guarantee you a profit month after month and normally a real service will keep full profit loss records which would inevitably have losing months. The key is profit long term that averages out.

Betting Syndicates always keep a watchful eye out for these as there are many scams here, I would avoid them or at least treat them with the utmost caution.

Change in lifestyle tipsters claiming that you will be taking cruises and sitting on the beach all day counting your money from there winners are also full of crap. Always watch out for posers that have pics of them with money, on holiday, etc and offer a lot of promises without any proof to back it up.

By avoiding these things you are going to give yourself a much better chance of focusing in on a real football tipping service.

3 Things To Look For

Firstly always look for a profit loss record or a record of all the tipsters selections and to what stakes and odds. Make sure all the selections tally up and follow the service for a while to make sure future results tally up too.

Secondly, look for free or cheap trial offers, usually, a tipster will offer you a trial as they are confident in their abilities that you will like what you see and join properly further down the line. Free trials are better but anything up to £3 for a month’s trial is well worth paying instead of the full membership fee straight up.

Finally, look for money-back guarantees, this really covers your back as any outlay will have to be returned to you if you ask for a refund within the timeframe shown which is usually 30 days or 60 days.

Use your head and in the long run you will find the best tipsters on the internet.

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