Premier Greyhound Tips Review

January 17, 2023
premier greyhound tips review

Welcome to this Premier Greyhound Tips Review, This service is hosted on the betting gods tipping network.

Betting Gods is a professional sports tipster platform that connects bettors with professional tipsters who provide advice on sports betting. These tipsters have proven records of success in their respective sports and provide their picks and analysis to subscribers through the Betting Gods platform. They offer betting tips on a variety of sports such as football, horse racing, golf, cricket, and many more. They also have a feature of VIP membership which is paid service.

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“With an average monthly profit of £293.76, Premier Greyhound Tips is one of the best greyhound racing tipsters on the internet. Every month, Michael sends an average of 36 tips to his members via email, on the Betting Gods members area, and free mobile app.”

How Does Premier Greyhound Tips Work?

Premier Greyhound Tips is based on Betting Gods which is free to join but to view the premium selections you will need to subscribe to Premier Greyhound Racing Tips.

There are a few other sports tipsters on the Betting Gods network too as well as premium ones.

If you subscribe to Premier Greyhound Tips all of the selections will be in your dashboard when you’re logged in to your account.

How Did Premier Greyhound Tips Perform For Me Over 3 Months As A Member?

Here is a small rundown of how Premier Greyhound tips performed for me over the 3 months I tested the service out as a paying member.

I joined the service on 1st October 2022 and until 1st January 2023.

October 2022 profit/loss: +£39

November profit/loss: -£32

December 2022 profit/loss: +£31

Total profit = +£38

Average per month = +£12.66

After the membership monthly fee is deducted = (£17/month) -£20.98

Not really sure if this service delivers on its promises based on my 3 months I would give it a miss but that doesn’t mean that it’s not profitable over a longer period and the main thing is it was not a huge loss but a small loss with membership fees taken out!

Verdict = UNSURE/ Come Back To It

Click Here to join Premier Greyhounds Tips On a 10-Day Trial

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