In The Stands Review

March 2, 2023
in the stands review

Welcome to my in the stands review, this is a football tipster on the Tipsters4U tipping network and the following is based on my experiences as a user of the tipster service.

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How Does In The Stands Work?

A relatively easy service to join all you need to do is click here to sign up via Paypal and choose your membership option, they have 3 options weekly is £2.99 monthly is £9.99 and annual is the cheapest at £74.99.

You get a 14-day trial when you join so you don’t pay anything at first only if you stay past the 14 days (easy to cancel also via Paypal).

You will then receive a welcome email as confirmation it was successful, now all you do is wait for an email to come through which will say something like a new selection from in the stands.

There are only around 2-4 selections per week from In The Stands which made it very easy to follow for me and not too expensive either to follow.

How Did In The Stands Perform During My 1 Month Membership

Here is a small rundown of how the In The Stands football tipster service by Tioposters4U performed for me over the 1 month I tested the service out as a paying member for.

January 2023 profit/loss: +£48.60 (£10 stakes) £97.20

February 2023 profit/loss: -£5.20 (£10 stakes) – £10.40 (£20 stakes)

Total profit = +£43.40 (£10 stakes) =£96.80 (£20 stakes)

Average per month = +£21.70 (£10 stakes), +£43.80 (£20 stakes)

After the membership monthly fee is deducted = +£11.71 per month average to £10 stakes and £23.42 to £20 stakes.

Really impressed over the first 2 months of being a member with this football tipster and I will stay on as a member for the rest of 2023 and see how well it continues to perform for you all.

Verdict = PASS

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