How to Pick a Winner at the Cheltenham Festival

March 7, 2023
How to Pick a Winner at the Cheltenham Festival

The Cheltenham Festival is one of the biggest and most prestigious horse racing events in the world. It is a four-day festival that takes place in March every year at Cheltenham Racecourse in Gloucestershire, England. With 28 races over the four days, picking a winner can be a daunting task for even the most experienced horse racing enthusiast. In this article, we will provide you with some tips and tricks to help you pick a winner at the Cheltenham Festival.

Introduction to the Cheltenham Festival

Before we dive into how to pick a winner, it is important to understand the basics of the Cheltenham Festival. The festival takes place over four days and features a range of different races, from the Champion Hurdle to the Gold Cup. Each race has its own set of rules and conditions, which can affect the outcome of the race. The festival attracts some of the best horses, trainers, and jockeys from around the world, making it a highly competitive event.

Understanding the Form

One of the key factors in picking a winner at the Cheltenham Festival is understanding the form of the horses. The form refers to the horse’s recent performance in races leading up to the festival. By analyzing a horse’s form, you can get a good idea of its chances of winning. Look at the horse’s recent performances, paying attention to its finishing position, the distance of the race, and the conditions of the track.

Studying the Course

The Cheltenham Racecourse is a unique course, and understanding its quirks can give you an edge in picking a winner. The course is known for its undulating terrain, with several steep uphill and downhill sections. Some horses perform better on this type of course than others, so it is important to study the course and look for horses that have performed well on similar tracks.

Analyzing the Trainers and Jockeys

Trainers and jockeys play a critical role in horse racing, and their experience and skill can be a deciding factor in a horse’s success. Look for trainers and jockeys who have a good track record at the Cheltenham Festival. They will have experience navigating the course and will know how to get the best out of their horse.

Considering the Weather

The weather can have a significant impact on the outcome of horse races, and it is important to consider this when picking a winner at the festival, many horses have a ground preference and if they are running on ground that they have never won on or have a disliking to it will affect their performances.

Consider A Horse Tipster

There is nothing wrong with admitting you just can’t pick a winner even armed with all the pointers above, many take the use of a tipster for the Cheltenham festival and have great results, why not check out these horse racing tipsters for Cheltenham?


Though we cannot guarantee you will pick a winner now if you follow some of the advice above you should give yourself a much better chance of doing so, we hope you enjoyed this article!

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